Preparing Our Hearts for Worship, 02-26-2012

This Week’s Set List:

  1. O, for a Thousand Tongues to Sing – David Crowder version [Listen]
  2. When Our Hearts Sing – Rush of Fools [Listen]
  3. How Deep the Father’s Love for Us – Original Arrangement [Listen to a different version]
  4. Mystery – Charlie Hall NEW! [Listen]
  5. My Soul Waits – Original

Thoughts for this Week

This week, I wanted to mention two different songs: “When Our Hearts Sing” and the new one, “Mystery”. One of the things about “When our Hearts Sing” that I really enjoy is that it speaks a lot about who God is, and then puts our worship into perspective based on that. “You are infinite worth / When we’ve not the words, our hearts will sing / We are here on the earth / But somehow we’re heard / When our hearts sing to You”. Singing out some of the mechanics of our worship to God is a different approach than most worship songs employ, and I think it gives the song a sort of groundedness. There’s something solid and true and right about singing out an acknowledging of God’s holy “other-ness”, and our awe-filled position before Him.

The new song we’ll be singing this week is called “Mystery”. The first two lines are probably the most unique, in that they use some language and concepts that we don’t sing very often: “Sweet Jesus Christ, my sanity / Sweet Jesus Christ, my clarity”. Once we’ve had a chance to chew on those lines a little bit, I think they display a beautiful truth—especially in light of the rest of the song. Basically, it’s that life only makes sense with Christ (read: our rescuing king). What follows is a very sort of “creedal” statement of the truth that anchors us— words that give our lives meaning and purpose when everything around us seems like chaos: “Christ has died and / Christ is risen / Christ will come again”.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the songs we’ll be singing this week, or just what God may be teaching you about worship in general. Please leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Preparing Our Hearts for Worship, 02-26-2012

  1. Chris-I will look forward to learning more new songs this week. I have liked the new ones recently too. I ALWAYS enjoy and feel inspired by your music and am thankful for all the worshisp team.
    Merlene Spivey

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