Preparing Our Hearts for Worship, 05-20-2012

This Week’s Songs of Worship:

Each week, we like to give the members of Grace a chance to learn the songs we will be singing on Sunday. Please use these lists as a way to ready your heart and mind, to come willing and able to worship our God in spirit and truth.

  1. Everlasting God – Lincoln Brewster version [Listen]
  2. 73 – Original [Listen]
  3. Lord, You Have My Heart – Delirious [Listen]
  4. Let Us Love and Sing and Wonder – Laura Taylor version [Listen]
  5. TBD

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2 thoughts on “Preparing Our Hearts for Worship, 05-20-2012

  1. Chris,
    Visited your church this past Sunday from Pa. Loved the music and the message. Keep up God’s great work man!
    John, pa

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