Preparing Our Hearts for Worship, 05-27-2012

Thoughts on Worship

The Worship Arts team and I have been going through a little book called “The Air I Breathe” by Louie Giglio. I wanted to share a few quotes from that book for us to think about as we approach our weekly gathering.

“My hope is that somewhere in the pages of this book you’ll find yourself moving closer and closer to the kind of person Jesus calls a “true worshiper,” those who worship the Father from the heart with all they are…all they have.

“You may be like the woman Jesus met at the well that day— more concerned with your ‘place’ of worship than the God you meet there.

“Or you may be… feeling far away from the love of God.

“You might just be waking up to the idea of worship in the first place, only now realizing it’s that thing you’ve been doing your whole life long. Only now sensing you need to redirect its flow.

“Or maybe you’re a passionate lover of God, but frustrated by the presence of the idols you’ve kept around far too long.

“For all of us, the time for true worship is now. The door is open. The price has been paid. Jesus is here.

“…while the whole world is busy glorifying who knows what, God is inviting any and all to join the ranks of the true worshipers—those who are beginning to discover the connections between His infinite worth and their own inner longing to love something supremely.

“We’re talking about a brand of worship that’s lasting and true. The kind we were made for. Worship that both honors God and satisfies us.

“… For this we need a bigger definition, one that will take us deeper as we move together toward a life of true worship.

[True] worship is…
our response,
both personal and corporate,
to God—
for who He is!
and what He has done!
expressed in and by the things we say
and the way we live.

“… In a nutshell… worship is a whole-life response to God’s greatness and glory.

“… Worship isn’t something you attend, like a movie or a concert. Worship is something you enter into with all your might. Worship is a participation sport in a spectator culture.

“… When you break it all down, true worship is simply catching  sight of the greatness, majesty, glory, and grace of an infinite God.

“When God is not greatly praised, it’s only because we don’t think He’s that great of a God. When our worship is small, it’s because our concept of God is small.

“… We lose sight of the reality of all realities: There’s an infinite, limitless God high and exalted on His throne, ruling with all power and authority over the heavens and the earth. A God who’s still running the show— running our lives and running the whole universe on His timetable.

“And at this very moment, while He holds entire galaxies in place by His power, He also invites us at any time day or night to look up and behold Him as He is. He invites us to call Him by name and be His friend.”

– Louie Giglio, The Air I Breathe (Chapter 5)

This Week’s Songs of Worship:

Each week, we like to give the members of Grace a chance to learn the songs we will be singing on Sunday. Please use these lists as a way to ready your heart and mind, to come willing and able to worship our God in spirit and truth.

  1. O Worship the King – Passion version | Listen
  2. Sound of Melodies – Leeland | Listen
  3. Love and Grace Abound – Original  | Listen
  4. I Will Offer Up My Life – Matt Reedman | Listen
  5. Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee | Listen

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