Prayer Tip: Characteristics of Praying in the Spirit


What are some of the characteristics of “praying always in the Spirit”?

  • Praying in faith – believing that He is and that He rewards those who seek Him.  Heb. 11:6
  • Confident that God causes all things to work together for my good.  Rom. 8:28
  • Praying with thanksgiving rather than worry and anxiety – Phil. 4:6
  • Entering His presence with praise and adoration and thanksgiving – Ps. 100:4
  • Being aware that the only way I can stand in His presence is by the blood of Christ continually cleansing me from all sin – Heb. 10:19-22
  • Praying scripture, particularly the promises of God.

In the book Reese Howells Intercessor he relates that God impressed upon him very clearly to “pray only the prayers that I give you.”  He said the result was victorious prayer that always got answered.  I often ask the Lord to show me what to pray in a situation or for a presenting need.  Then I try to listen and pray what He impresses upon me to pray.  All of this is part of getting to know God.

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