Prayer Tip: A Collect Prayer


A Collect (pronounced CALL-ect) prayer has different meanings to different people.  Here is one that has very powerful application.  It is a simple prayer with these 5 parts:

  1. Address God using a name or attribute or character trait that demonstrates His authority over the need.
  2. Mention what He has done in redemptive history that is similar to your request.
  3. Request
  4. Mention how God’s answering this request will redound to His glory and advance the gospel of Jesus and His kingdom.
  5. Conclude in Jesus’ Name


“(For depression) O Lord, our Shepherd and Restorer of our souls, our Creator and healer, nothing is too difficult for You.  You delivered Legion of many demons and instantly put him in his right mind.  Lift _________ out of any depression, balance the needed chemicals in his/her body, free  him/her from a dependency or need for medication and put him/her in a right and healthy mind to love and pursue You with all his/her heart and soul and mind and strength, and to overflow with Your love and joy.  Do this for Your glory and praise and honor and the sake of Your Name which we bear.  Amen.”

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One thought on “Prayer Tip: A Collect Prayer

  1. I love this! What a powerful way to pray. I plan on using a Collect prayer in the very near future. Thanks for sharing this!!

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