He Can Help, and He Wants To.

Not long ago I had to begin my prayer time with “Father, I’m anxious and worried about several/many things.  HELP.  Help me to see You and know that You are with me and You care about these things too.”

Then I just happened to be at Luke 8 in my Bible reading plan…. Did you know that Jesus lived a normal human life and relied on the charity of others while He traveled and ministered?  He healed people of evil spirits and all kinds of sicknesses.  He dealt with family problems.  And when it comes to difficult people and impossible challenges with another person, can there be a bigger challenge than the man Legion (many demons lived in him)?  The threat of natural disasters – He instantly calmed a storm.  A woman with a medical issue beyond hope or help of any known medical solution – instantly cured.  A beloved only child – raised from the dead.

I think what He said to me that morning was vs. 25 “Where is your faith?” and vs. 50 “Do not be afraid (anxious); only believe (keep on believing).”  Whether my concerns are routine and mundane, temporal or eternal, life threatening/urgent, small or catastrophic – He knows them all, He’s bigger than all, and He’s got answers – He wants to help.

I Peter 5:7  “..casting all your anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you.”

And then listen to understand if there is something further you need to do.

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