Prayer Tip: God’s Actions Linked to Our Prayers

(taken from 31 Days of Prayer – Myers) Have you ever wondered why God chose to link His actions with our praying?  Why did He decide that our prayers would cause Him to accomplish certain things or expand what He does?  And that by not praying we would limit Him?  Could He not carry out His purposes far more efficiently without us?   Yet He has established the prayers of His people as a powerful influence on how and when He meets our needs (material, emotional, spiritual) and the needs of others throughout the world.

            The answer goes back to why God created us.  He created us to be His family with whom He can share a relationship of mutual enjoyment – the fulfillment and significance of being included in Kingdom work, the security of His unconditional love and acceptance, and the joy and delight of being pleasing to Him and enjoying His rest.

            God longs to express His boundless love by meeting our needs to the point of overflowing.  Even if we don’t pray, He still holds all things together and is the source of every good thing.  But prayer keeps us aware of Him as our Source and opens our lives to receive His greater bounty as well as linking us with His exciting purposes and power.

            More importantly, it brings us into a love relationship with God, rooted in our realizing how much we need Him and our choosing to depend on Him.  The more we pray, the more we’re able to let God meet our emotional and spiritual needs and love others through us.  Prayer ushers us into an experience with God, with a growing sense of wonder, delight, and gratefulness.

Let God catch you up in wonder, delight and gratefulness this week.  Pray.

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