Prayer Tip: What Can You Give God Today?

Have you ever stopped and asked God, “What can I give to You today?” 

We’re always in need and God is always generous and gives without reproach, so as His children we are certainly told to ask.  But have you ever just stopped and prayed, “God, what can I give to You?”

Why not stop and ask Him right now?  …Listen….what did He say?

Some of the immediate things I hear are:  worship, gratitude, praise, time – time to relax and just be with Him and enjoy Him.

Sometimes I hear things like:  all my worries, anxiety, bitterness and anger, all my cares and concerns, goals and dreams and plans and schedule.

Maybe one key to consider is ‘What do I have?’  ‘What am I holding on to?’  ‘What do I really treasure?’.

So what do you have in your hand, your mind, your heart?  Give it all to Him.

That’s real freedom!  That’s REAL life!

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