Prayer Tip: God is Totally Other, so pray…

I think one of the greatest hindrances to effective prayer happens when we begin to think that God is like us. When we try to bring God down to our level and understanding, we tend to reduce prayer to ‘figuring out the ask/receive system’ in order to persuade Him to do something… and then we proceed to tell Him what to do and how to do it.

We can take on more of the nature of God (by His doing) but He is nothing like us – He will always be totally other. We need to stay in the discovery mode and be open and eager for anything and all that He might do or say.  (I think of this as part of what it means to fear God.)

Do you approach God this way? It’s an attitude/heart posture as we pray our heart’s desires and specifics of what we think we need/want.

Remember that what He plans and promises (His way) is so much better/higher than what we can think or imagine. Isa. 55:9; Eph. 3:20

And so I pray for you what I pray for me, “Lord, teach me to fear God and hate sin while I stay in the discovery mode with eyes fixed on You.”


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