Building Plan Update, May 2016

[From Jim Wilson, Assistant Pastor for Operations]

The Building Blues

We’ve been at this for a while now, actually more than a year. We consulted, planned, evaluated plans, and waited. While we waited for the permits for the addition to our main building we prepared for construction and reconfigured the breezeway between the buildings to accommodate more pedestrian traffic and offer better protection from the elements. We installed the new glass doors on the east side of the sanctuary to allow better access in and out of the building. We reconfigured the stage to increase our seating capacity (many thanks to Richard Fitzgerald for giving days of his time to staining and finishing the new wood on the stage). All of that went quite well. We patiently waited for permits and estimates.

Finally, permits were promised within days and we got the final estimates for the cost of the project. We were stunned. Suddenly our plans felt out of reach. Back to consulting, planning, evaluating plans, and waiting. We had to step back and consider other options. We are back to waiting for cost estimates. We are confused and perplexed.

This bend in the road causes me a great deal of uncertainty. Did I miss something? Are we being unrealistic in our expectations? Does God want us to work through a hard decision? Does God want us to give up and do something else? I’m sure I’m not the only one who is working through these and other questions about a plan that doesn’t go according to our desires.

We need wisdom on how to proceed. Would you please pray for us as we try to find our way through this maze of uncertainty? And, if you are also dealing with uncertainties in life, and are confused by your circumstances, take heart in these words that God used to get my attention:

Psalm 62: 1
“For God alone my soul waits in silence;
From him comes my salvation.
He alone is my rock and my salvation,
My fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken.”


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Building Plan Update, February 2016

[From Jim Wilson, Assistant Pastor for Operations]


We’ve been doing a lot of measuring around here in the past few weeks! Every few days a person with a tape measure shows up and examines a different piece of our building while taking careful measurements.  Plumbers, electricians, steel workers, and civil engineers are just a few of the measurers. The architect completed all of the plans and passed them to the builder, who tells us that we are waiting for the city of Killeen to issue permits.

Suddenly, Tuesday, February 9, materials and machinery appeared! Woohoo—there really is going to be construction!


Step 1: Awnings constructed over the north and south doorways in the breezeway will give us protection from the elements during and after construction.

Step 2: The A/C condensers in the breezeway between the buildings will be moved to the roof of the main building to enhance the breezeway and decrease noise.

Step 3: A double glass door will be installed at the rear of the sanctuary on the east side of the main building.

Steps 4-???:  Construction of the new addition begins on the front of the building.

One Sunday you will arrive for worship and the normal entrances to the building will be blocked. That may be stressful since you will have to use doors on the back side of the building. Please pray with us that our plans to direct the flow of people into the buildings will provide safety and adequate care for our members and visitors. This is an opportunity for us to love outsiders and members as we assist each other in coping with the disruptions of construction.

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Building Plan Update, December 2015

[From Jim Wilson, Assistant Pastor for Operations]


Progress is hard to see sometimes.  This is not a sinkhole. It is not the first hole on our new putt-putt course. This is progress! In a very small way, we “broke ground” for the new addition to the building when several “core samples” were drilled to verify that we have stable soil for a foundation.

We plan and we meet over and over, but sometimes we just can’t see substantial results.  We recently showed you the plans for our building addition and the artist’s rendering of the addition. We all have hope that construction will start soon and our planning will result in action. We are waiting for the architect, civil engineers, and engineers who make the actual construction drawings to complete their work so the builder can get bids from various contractors and apply for permits to begin construction. Please pray with us that these pre-construction tasks will be completed quickly and that the process will produce visible results soon.

And yes, you can play putt-putt in the parking lot if you wish.

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